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Janice Mauro

Army of the American Business Machines, 2013, Hydro-cal, with phosphorescent finish, 12" figures, 30"h with base 50"l x 30"w , $5,000
Captain Rodney Boeing, 2014, Carved foam, resin finish, 78"h x21"w x19"d, $8,000
Cerebrus Rex, 2014, Styrofoam, mesh, light, hydro-cal , 39"h x10"w x 12"d, $1,200
Embedding Instruments, 2014, Phosphorescent resin, hydro-cal, 3" h x 4"w x 14"d, $200 Each
Tools of the Robotic, 2014, Styrofoam, hydro-cal, phosphorescent finish, resin, varies, $200 Each
Cells of Memory, 2013, Resin, hydro-cal, 25" x 22" , $1,500
DNA Silo, 2013, Resin, plastic, hydro-cal, 25" x 11", $1,500
Reliqary , 2013, Resin, foam, hydro-cal, 9" x 14" x 5" , $1,500
Vocal Ether, 2013, Hydro-cal, resin, computer keyboard, 20" x 13", $1,200
Army of the Robotic Pawns, 2012, Hyro-cal, phosphorescent paint, fiberglass, 45"h x30"w x52"d , $8,000
Monument to the Unliving Detail, 2012, Colored carved foam, bicycle lights, 72"h x8"w x12"d, $8,000
Relics of American Business Machine, 2012, Hydro-cal, 28" x 14" relief, $800
Reliquary, 2012, Foam, steel, mesh, hydro-cal, 3'h x 12" round, $1,200
Elite Tablet Fragment, 2009, Terra-cotta, 30"h x 6"w , $500
Prayer Book Pages, 2009, Relief hydro-cal, 13" X 6", $300
Elite Tablet, 2006, Hydro-cal, 38" x 7" x 4", $5,000
Ninja Turtle Totem, 2006, Hydro-cal, 36" x 6" x 4", $5,000
The Man from Brancheville, 2006, Foam, wire mesh, steel, found objects, 6' x 42"h with gurney x 25", $8,000

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Artist Statement
Janice Mauro teaches figurative sculpture at Silvermine School of Art, New Canaan CT., and The Art School at Old Church, Demarest, NJ. She has taught at the Educational Alliance and The National Academy of Art, NYC.

Her award winning sculpture has been exhibited at the National Sculpture Society, Lever House, and The Inter Church Center, NYC. New Jersey exhibits include City Without Walls, Newark, and The Meadowlands center for the Arts, Rutherford.

Her Museum exhibits include The National Academy Museum, NYC, The Paterson Museum, Paterson NJ., The Discovery Museum, Bridgeport CT., The Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT., and The Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT.

Her work has been reviewed by Vivian Raynor of the New York Times, The Brooklyn Eagle, Go Brooklyn, The Star Ledger, The Waterbury Republican, and The Fairfield Weekly. Currently, her work is featured online in the National Sculpture Society's News Bulletin.

She has designed, carved and modeled various puppets for New York Broadway Productions such as Julie Taymor's The Lion King, and Eve Le Gallienne's Alice in Wonderland. She has modeled heads for Nickolodeon's Theatrical production of Rug Rats at the Oak Dale Theatre, CT.

She was the studio assistant to Richard McDermott Miller, a renowned figurative sculptor, NYC. The work included Enlarging, Casting, Foundry Work, and Figure Modeling.

She was a Coker Master Sculptor Resident at the Carroll A. Campbell JR. Center for American Sculpture at Brookgreen Gardens.

Mauro's Bronze figurative fountain is Permanently Installed and Displayed on the grounds of Brookgreen Gardens, SC.She is a Fellow Member of The National Sculpture Society, and Artist's Member of The Silvermine Guild of Artists.

Mauro's WW11 Memorial Bronze figure of Congressional Medal recipient, Sergeant Homer Lee Wise, is installed at Veterans Park, in Stamford, CT

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