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The Science of Expression: How We Make and Express Emotion in Art and Ourselves

Instructor · David Dunlop

Course ID: DDSU430PM10292017
· 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm · $20
1 Session
· October 29

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Recent research reveals there are no universal facial expressions for fear, anger, joy, or other emotions as we previously thought. Our emotional expressions are cultural characteristics not, universal. We learn them like language. Our art expresses them from a time and place bound cultural base not a universal human base. As we learn more about our brain's interaction with the world we discover that our hearing, seeing, tasting are all more directed and determined by previous experience than by sensory contact with the outside world. For example, our brain predicts what we will see then we look for that rather than gathering and ordering visual data around us. The implications for making and viewing art, dining or listening to music are immense.

David Dunlop’s reputation as a painter who combines artistic skill, knowledge and enthusiasm prompted the Metropolitan Museum of Art to invite him to lecture on 4000 years of landscape painting in 2005. He has been a visiting artist/lecturer at multiple institutions. His PBS program on Cezanne was included in the exhibit Cezanne and American Modernism at the Montclair Art Museum.