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Contemporary Impressionism and Beyond: Experience to Expression

Instructor · Dmitri Wright

Course ID: DWF100PM9222017
· 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm · $460
10 Sessions
· September 22 – December 15 · Class will not meet October 20th, November 3rd & 24th

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Develop our own unique style while discovering the philosophy and techniques used by the Impressionist masters. Such methods used by the Impressionists were taken from the classical and today used by the modernists are the tools you will learn from illustrative to the abstract. Impressionism, as it was then and is now, is a new way of looking at the world. Students learn how to discover their own voice as an artist and experience artistic freedom through methods of building upon their natural ability. We will study each one of the methods and particularized the innovations needed to achieve one’s vision; thereby each gains a narrative of personalized subjects and techniques. In the tradition of the Impressionists, students will come to experience the beauty of light and color by celebrating and living in the moment, thus creating timeless works Each will develop their own signature and personalized colors in order to be able to choreograph their ideas into a reality. Dmitri will lecture and presented weekly. Students from all levels and interests, as well as those working in all materials and methods are welcomed from classical to abstract.

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