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Getting a Hold on Portrait Drawing

Instructor · Josephine Robinson

Course ID: JRTU930AM1162018
· 9:30 am – 12:30 pm · $470
10 Sessions
· January 16 – March 20

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Each one of us talks face to face with many people every day. But how much do we really notice about other people's faces? Much is taken for granted. We rely often on a stock image of how the human head "looks". In this class, those habitual ways of looking will bite the dust. Students, through a series of exercises will come to learn and experience how to see anew. Students will be taught to observe rather than "look". Drawing is the art of observation, and the art of design. Drawing exercises will consist in learning how to measure for accuracy, and learning how to create a sense of three-dimensionality. Consideration will be given to understanding components, which can create a strong sense of design within the overall drawing. Students will be introduced to works by both old masters and contemporary artists, for inspiration and master drawings will be referenced, in order to see how various artists have imprinted their own solutions upon the puzzle of reproducing a "likeness" of the human face. There will be instructor demonstrations and general discussions regarding the ways in which artists "see". All exercises can be geared to the level of experience of each student. Come and enjoy a fresh way of SEEING a human face.

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