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Nina Bentley

Corporate Executives Service Award Bracelet, 2000, Assemblage, 42" x 42" x 24", $6,000
Typewriter V: He Looked Good On Paper, 2013, Typewriter, $800
Fragments of Memory, 1939 - present, 2012, Glass jars, Various sizes, $600 each
Typewriter I: War Stories I, 2012, Typewriter with lead soldiers, $800
Typewriter II: Writer's Block, 2012, Typewriter with glass shards, $800
Typewriter IV: War Stories II, 2012, Typewriter with lead soldiers, $800
Your First Little Black Dress, 2012, Encaustic, 24" x 18", $750
Bones of Contention, 2011, Assemblage/bones, 18" x 6", $650
Health Care, 2011, Mixed media, Site specific installation, $600 per shelf
Typewriter III: A Poem For All People, 2011, Typewriter with gold charms, $800
Cold Comfort, 2010, Doctors bag with surgical supplies, 10' x 3' x 3', $850
Reflections, 2010, Etched mirrors, 42" round, $600 each
The Waiting Room, 2010, Wall hung xrays with paint, Site specific installation, $150 each

Artist Statement
Many events have influenced me as an artist, growing up in Brooklyn, having a father who was an Italian anarchist, a mother who worked; being a cheerleader in the 1950's, a history major at college, a writer of advertising copy, a designer of department store window displays, a mother, a corporate wife; living fifteen years in Europe, becoming a grandmother - now many times over. All of these experiences have left their mark and occasioned reflection.

The result of my introspection and insights are in my art. I hope this work speaks to some of its viewers.

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