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Liz Dexheimer

Cloud Koi Blue III, Monotype, 36" x 48", $3,000
Koi Suite III, 2017, Monotype, 24 x 18" image/30 x 22" paper, $1,800
Koi Suite III, 2017, Monotype, 24 x 18" image/30 x 22" paper, $1,800
Koi Suite IV, 2017, Monotype, 24 x 18 image/30 x 22 paper, $1,800
Cherry Blossom Koi , 2015, Monotype, 48" x 32", $2,800
Koi Series Eddy I, 2012, Monotype, 30" x 40", $2,200
Swamp Series VI, 2010, Monotype, 48" x 32", $2,600
Dance Party Turquoise and Gray, Monotype, 32" x 48", $2,800
Through Water VI, Monotype, 36" x 48", $3,000
Through Water VII, Monotype, 36" x 48", $3,000
Tidal Pool II, Monotype, 48" x 32", $2,800
What Lies Beneath - Ochre Sunlight, Monotype, 41" x 30", $2,200

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Artist Statement

I'm interested in conveying gesture, movement, suggested form, the ambiguity of line and shape. My process involves layering forms, textures and patterns to hint at something vaguely discernible, distilled to its most basic elements. I think of each layer as a complete thought; dropped on each other the layers create a fuller story.

It is a reaction to the play between lights and dark, motion and stillness, the layers of visual information, surface elements and what lies beneath.

Much of my current work is informed by the intricate structures of marshes, swamps and other wetland environments, with their elaborate combinations of linear and fluid elements. In other pieces, the gestural forms and patterns take on a more figurative quality and energy.

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