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Connie Pfeiffer

Ingress, Fold-formed copper, steel, wire, acrylic, and heat patina, 7' X 9' X 9', $4,300
offerings, cast glass, paper, steel wire, crushed glass, acrylic, wax, 41" x 39" x 15", $2,500
Opening, Steel wire, 5 'x 1', $1,200
Openings - detail, Steel wire, 5' x 1', $1,200
Pathway, Recycled metal, paper, steel wire, acrylic , 7'x6'x9' variable, $3,500
skin & bones, cast glass, steel wire, paper, acrylic, metal, variable- 7' x 8 "x 6" each approx., $1,800 each
Skin & Bones, Cast glass, steel wire, paper, acrylic, metal, 7'x8"x6" each variable, $1,800 each

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Artist Statement
My work considers primal experiences that transcend time and place, the common threads of our existence- what is instinctively done for self-preservation. Repetition plays an important role.
Recent work draws especially on the process of building and uncovering protective layers. Intuitive choices to conceal or expose reveal our primal natures, stripping away our intellectual selves.
Materials of metal, glass, wire, stained paper, paint, deteriorated mesh and recycled billboard paper are methodically manipulated and almost ambiguous as to their original medium.

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