Lisa Arnold

Making art was always encouraged when I was a kid; my parents were artists, and there was many art supplies available for experimenting with . When I went to the School of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University,I began to learn the disciplines of art as well.I graduated knowing two things; that I loved color and I loved the figure. The elongated and exaggerated figure .(Fashion?).When I settled in New York City I continued at the Art Students League and The School of Visual Arts ,free-lancing as an illustrator to survive ,and eventually landed at Conde Nast Publications.More color. More fashion figures. More style.More drama .More everything.For years it was just what I wanted ,but eventually I left to explore other art venues such as art instruction and concentrating on my own art again. I paint and have exhibited in many galleries throughout New England, New York ,and Virginia. Currently, Iā€™m working with organic forms in watercolor.