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The Nature of Wood: Webinar

Instructor: Mark Andreas
June 14, 2020 · Meets: Su · 02:00 PM – 04:00 PM
Age: Adult Online Art Studio (Ages 18 +)

This is a one-day webinar via Zoom. Why are ships made White Oak and not Red Oak or Black Oak? This webinar explores trees from a carpenters perspective. Though presentation, image and discussion we will explore the ecology , industry, cultural , historical and practical uses of these woody plants. The aim is to give the woodworker and non-woodworker a-like a better appreciation and knowledge of the world’s most technologically advanced material. A material that we as a species have relied upon and worked with since we have had thumbs.

We will email you the private meeting link and password 24 hours in advance of the workshop.

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Lecture Online Art Studio Woodworking

Fees: $50.00