Silvermine ‘Summer Salon’ Guild Exhibition

OPENING RECEPTION – Saturday, July 13, 6-8pm
July 6 – August 21, 2019

More than 130 artist members from our national roster will be exhibiting their work.


JurorPaul Efstathiou, Director of Contemporary Art, Hollis Taggart, NY. Paul has worked for nearly 17 years as an art dealer and independent curator. From 2004 through 2016, he ran PTE Fine Arts, an arts consultancy and showroom, in partnership with his brother, Eric Efstathiou. In 2016, he established the exhibition series Highlight Curated, as a means of bringing new attention to and advancing the careers of contemporary artists with whom he’s developed deeply-rooted and long-lasting relationships. Efstathiou has produced five Highlight Curated exhibitions to-date, including three with Hollis Taggart, and featured the work of more than 20 artists, including William Buchina, Ted Gahl, Brenda Goodman, John Knuth, Matt Mignanelli, Esther Ruiz, and Devin Troy Strother. Efstathiou also previously collaborated with Hollis Taggart on exhibitions of works by Michael Michaeledes (2012) and Theodoros Stamos (2008 and 2010). Efstathiou is dedicated to nurturing the careers of emerging and under-recognized artists, leveraging his relationships in both the for and nonprofit sectors to develop their collector and audience bases.
Efstathiou is dedicated to nurturing the careers of emerging and under-recognized artists, leveraging his relationships in both the for and nonprofit sectors to develop their collector and audience bases.


Aaron, Christine–Larchmont, NY

Ackley, Pam–New Canaan, CT

Ahrens, June–Stamford, CT

Baunok, Rita–South Salem, NY

Baylock, Paul–New Britain, CT

Bentley, Nina–Westport, CT

Berger, Lisa–Newtown, CT

Bergonzi, Caroline–New York City,  NY

Berntsen, Thomas–Norwalk, CT

Bisceglia, Miriam–Woodstock, NY

Bombart, Sonia–Weston, CT

Breakstone, Nancy–Westport, CT

Bricher, Scott–South Kent, CT

Buckner, Lucienne–New Canaan, CT

Burroughs, Miggs–Westport, CT

Cadoff, Jennifer–New Rochelle, NY

Cadoux, Louise – Bridgeport, CT

Cantrell, Helen–Old Lyme, CT

Caroline, Leah – New Haven, CT

Cavagnolo, Sharon–Mt. Kisco, NY

Chamberlain, Diana–Woodbury, CT

Chernow, Ann–Westport, CT

Chiang, Eric–Westport, CT

Churchill, Alexander–Norwalk, CT

Clamage, Phyllis–Stratford, CT

Clements, Marilyn–Stamford, CT

Coleman, Heidi Lewis– Stamford, CT

Conway, Kathy–North Haven, CT

Cooper, Marcia–Brooklyn, NY

Daneva, Marina–Stamford, CT

Davis, Pamela–Norwalk, CT

Delperugia, Béatrice–Westport, CT

Demartini, Elysa–Stamford, CT

Dembicer, Peggy–Avon, ,CT

Dilenschneider, Jan–Darien, CT

Dixon, Carol–Old Greenwich, CT

Dormer, James–Fort Collins, CO

Draper, Katharine–Norwalk, CT

Dunne, Laure–Norwalk, CT

Eisner, Carole –Weston, CT

Fagan, Alanna–Milford, CT

Fischer, Hans–Ridgefield, CT

Fox, Rose-Marie–Darien, CT

Fradet, Cecilia Moy–Westport, CT

Frank, Sally–North Salem, NY

French Smith, Vicki–Darien, CT

Freudenberg, Catherine – New York, NY

Galka, Nathaniel–Mt Kisco, NY

Gallagher, Christy–Bridgeport, CT

Girard, Miranda–Boston, MA

Giuliani, Leslie–Weston, CT

Goedkoop, Hanneke–Rowayton, CT

Gold, Ronnie–Stamford, CT

Green, Mindy– Rowayton, CT

Gregson, Robert–Orange, CT

Harris, John–Norwalk, NY

Hawley, Vincent–Staten Island, NY

Hedlund, Charlotte–Wethersfield, CT

Higgins, Elizabeth–Darien, CT

Hodgdon-Cyr, Ann–West Hartford, CT

Hughes, Renée–Simsbury, CT

Hyon, Nash–Wilton, CT

Ives, Martha–New York, NY

Johnson, Paul Eric–Stafford Springs, CT

Karpinskaia, Natasha–Bethesda, MD

Kastenbaum, Arnie–Mamaroneck, NY

Katz, Judith Orseck–Westport, CT

Krupenye, Lucy–Wilton, CT

Kuehne, Linda–Pound Ridge, NY

Lake, Ron–Westport, CT

Lasar, Nancy–Washington Depot, CT

Leach, Cate–Darien, CT

Lee, Gail–South Salem, NY

Leggett, Liz–Westport, CT

Leggitt, Susan –Norwalk, CT

Levesque, Ralph–Higganum, CT

Loebell, Robert–Niantic, CT

Loughran, Karleen–Hamden, CT

Lubarsky, David–New York, NY

Lubin, Jane–Norwalk, CT

Makara, Dan–Redding, CT

Manning, Mary–Darien, CT

Mara, Lynn–Greenwich, CT

Mason, Ellen–Sarasota, FL

Mauro, Janice–Redding, CT

Moore, Day–Milford, CT

Moore, Nancy–Ridgefield, CT

Mudre, Roger–Weston, CT

Mullins, Cynthia–Ridgefield, CT

Mylen, Finalya–Fairfield, CT

Nazzaro, Erin–Redding, CT

Neems, Karen–Stamford, CT

Otsuka, Kiyoshi–Bronxville, NY

Parker, Mary–Yorktown Heights, NY

Perlman,Justin–Bethel, CT

Perry, Chris–Ridgefield, CT

Petrochko, Peter–Oxford, CT

Petrow, Jay– Westport, CT

Pflug, Laura–Fairfield, CT

Poch, Kathryn–Stamford, CT

Pressler, Dave–Shelton, CT

Prosia, Deann–Morristown, NJ

Putnam, Penny–Greenwich, CT

Puzzuoli, Jon–Norwalk, CT

Reid, Jennifer–Wilton, CT

Richeda, Marilyn–South Salem, NY

Ringer, Barbara–Ridgefield, CT

Robertson, Janine–Madison, CT

Saladyga, Gerald–New Haven, CT

Schempp, Gay–Winsted, CT

Schiffman, Ellen–Weston, CT

Scroggins, Lisa–Ridgefield, CT

Shaffer, Rosalind–Weston, CT

Sharp, Susan–Easton, CT

Siff, Marlene–Westport, CT

Soos, Anita–Guilford, CT

Sorensen Karen–Woodbury, CT

Steinberg, Judith–Stamford, CT

Suerig, Florence–Greenwich, CT

Swann, Sofie–Stamford, CT

Thoren, Lisa–Darien, CT

Tomchuk, Marjorie–New Canaan, CT

Tulay, Scott–Amherst, MA

Tweedy, Meg–Darien, CT

Ubogy, Jo–Cos Cob, CT

Visoky, Mitchell–White Plains, NY

Vogel, Karen –Darien, CT

Wheeler, Joan–Easton, CT

Whitten, Christa–Suffield, CT

Yanchuk, Matthew–Brooklyn, NY

York, Torrance–New Canaan , CT

Zolan, Florence – Bridgeport, CT



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