Silvermine School of Art Facilities

The Silvermine School of Art presents abundant opportunities for individuals of all ages to enjoy and learn about the arts. We have extensive facilities offering well-equipped studios unique to each discipline. Our facilities bring together dynamic instructors and committed students in a vibrant learning environment that fosters and supports creativity and growth. Following is a summary of various facilities within our campus.

Ceramic Studio
  • Electric Wheels (11)
  • Slab Roller
  • Small & Large Extruders
  • Wedging Tables
  • Pug Mill
  • Electric Kilns
  • Gas Kiln
  • Soda Kiln
Painting and Drawing Studios
  • Six fully equipped north light studios with easels, drawing benches and tables
Print Studio
  • Charles Brand etching press with a 28 x 50 bed
  • Charles Brand etching press 20" x 40" bed
  • Charles Brand litho press 24” x 36” bed
  • Large drying rack
  • Two hotplates and litho stones
  • Large work tables
Metal & Bronze Sculpture Studio
  • Bronze Facility w/ 100lb Metal Furnace Crucible
  • Welding Stations w/ Mig and Tig Welder (6)
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Oxy-acetylene Cutting Welding Brazing Rings
  • Ceramic Shell
  • Blacksmithing Forge and Station
  • Anvils
  • 16-Gauge English Wheel
  • Hydraulic Metal Band Saw
  • More...
Glass Flame Working
  • Eight lampworking stations
  • Hot head torches
  • Oxygen and propane
  • Glass rods
Digital Lab
  • Apple iMac 21.5 Computer (8)
  • Wacom Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablets (8)
  • Epson Printer
  • Scanner
  • Projector
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
Jewelry Studio
  • Soldering Station (2-person)
  • Pickle Pot and Soldering Accessories
  • 4 Flex Shafts
  • Sanding, Polishing, Drilling and Setting Supplies
  • Polishing Motor (in Cabinet w/ Exhaust)
  • Italian Cavallin Rolling Mill
  • Bench Shear
  • Vcella Enameling Kiln
Photography Studio
  • Fully equipped film processing room including reels, tanks, film washer and dryer
  • Fully equipped black and white darkroom
  • Variable contrast enlargers for 35mm and 120mm film
  • RC print washer and dryer
  • Easels and Magnifiers