In 2019 Silvermine launched a new “ArtAcademy” program in partnership with STAR, Inc. to benefit people with disabilities. STAR Inc. provides services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) living in Fairfield County with opportunities to live full lives with respect, independence, freedom of choice and personal growth. “ArtAcademy” taps into the transformative power of art to engage adults with I/DD in a variety of classes in an inclusive setting on our campus.

Igniting the imagination unleashes human potential.

Professional art instruction encourages curiosity and builds skills and self-esteem. The program fosters not only artistic and social development—but also joy through art. Teaching Artists design the curriculum to encourage personal accomplishment and collaborative engagement with others as a team. ArtAcademy offers the resources and pathways for adults with I/DD to explore, develop, and share their talents—and perhaps even discover skills that might lead to career development.

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