Obsolete Elegance – a Tribute to JWK

Constance Kiermaier
March 11 – April 22, 2012

Constance Kiermaier’s exhibit, “Obsolete Elegance – a Tribute to JWK” defines the life and times of her late husband, JWK, as he lived them. An exhibition of mixed media, the artist uses a tie as the source material. The tie, which can be found in each of her works, serves as a metaphor for the man and his time. Quotes from JWK evoke his personality and response to a life lived with civility, honesty and promise that defined a different time. “Now that I am in the middle of my eighth decade, I still continue to think of art as magic, and myself as a kind of magician who through complex trickery can manipulate visual perceptions and create a dichotomy of the real and the unreal. In my lifelong exploration of this magic, as a painter and maker of boxes, collages and constructions, I find that I delight and surprise myself in the process of seeking to delight and surprise. This discovery is the ultimate enchantment.”

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