Aleksandr Razin

Aleksandr Razin was born in Tashkent, former Soviet Union. He grew up in an art village and spent countless hours as a child in the studio of his grandfather, a book illustrator. In 1976, Razin began attending the Art Academy of Tashkent, and he received an MFA degree from the Tashkent College of Fine Arts in 1982.

In 1995, Razin and his family emigrated from Tashkent to the United States and settled in Long Island, New York. He began teaching at the Bridgeview Art School in New York City, and since 2004, he has been a member of the Silvermine Guild faculty in New Canaan, Connecticut. In 2007, Razin participated in the MD program of the Sculpture and Installation in School of Visual Arts. Since 2007, he has created more than twenty site-specific installations in NYC, NJ and CT.

Razin’s sculptures, paintings, mixed media, and installations have been exhibited in over 40 galleries and museums throughout the world. His works have been reviewed in numerous publications, and they are in private collections in Great Britain, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Russia, and United States.

Artist Statement
As a post-modern conceptual artist, I always look for symbols to connect the content of my art with the contemporary world. My creative process starts with an initial image that usually comes to mind spontaneously from some unknown source and represents the conceptual framework for the centerpiece. I then plunge into a procedure that involves constant experimentation with the available materials, the existing site, and the flow of original ideas. I use various media including sculpture, painting, digital, light, sound, video, installation. Site carries an important meaning, and I utilize it with imagination in the service of the primary installation concept.