The Galleries will be closed in the morning on Thursday, June 8. We will reopen at 12:00pm

66th Annual Art of the Northeast Exhibition July 9 – August 20, 2016

Video of the curator’s talk now available on YouTube:

Congratulations to the Finalists:

Baird, Lucy Wood
Burbank, Jennifer
Cheng, Tracie
Coffin, Chris
Faber Savage, Roxanne
Funke, Francine
Gayer, Tamara
Guo, Feng
Hattori, Natsuko
Janacek, Mary
Lamb, Kirstin
Lauriat, Michele
Lowry, Rebecca
Mehle, Nicole
Park, Loretta
Rosecrans, Ben
Rysz, Ronnie
Shipley, Beth
Small, John
Smolinski, Jessica
Smolinski, Joseph
Soos, Anita
Swanson, Garth
Taitz Duffy, Naomi
Walker, Jenny
Walsh, Susan