Curator: Patricia Hickson, Emily Hall Tremaine Curator of Contemporary Art at the Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT

Art of the Northeast is a competition/exhibition highlighting the diversity of work that is currently being made in the Northeast by emerging and established artists.

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibiting Artists

Andreas, Mark – Connecticut
Bailey, Lauren Eve Skelly – New York
Bargsten, Werner – New Jersey
Bianchino, Gianluca – New Jersey
Bilow, Debra – New York
Bricher, Scott – Connecticut
Burke, Eoin – Connecticut
Cadoff, Jennifer – New York
Cantrell, Helen – Connecticut
Cash, Jeremy – New York
Churchill, Alexander – Connecticut
Clinard, Susan – Connecticut
Cooper, Ashley Norwood –  New York
Dexheimer, Liz – Connecticut
Dowler, David – New York
Ford, Kevin – Connecticut
Gregson, Robert – Connecticut
Guarino, Christine – New York
Hilsenrath, Ella – New York
Ives, Martha – New York
Johnson, Paul Eric – Connecticut
Kerdman, Tracy – New York
Khatami, Renee – New York
Klotz, Audrey – Connecticut
Kuehne, Linda – New York
Lake, Ron – Connecticut
Lustenader, Willard – Connecticut
O’Brien, Angie – Connecticut
Ostasiewicz, Peter – Connecticut
Panzer, Elizabeth – New York
Parry, Jill – New York
Quirk, Michael – Connecticut
Runde, Nan – Connecticut
Sachs, Robert – Connecticut
Sausele-Knodt, Jean – Maine
Scheibler, Ingrid – Massachusetts
Shaffer, Rosalind – Connecticut
Sklar-Weinstein, Arle – New York
Sommer, Susan – New York
Swann, Sofie – Connecticut
Viveiros, Kazaan – New Jersey
Weinblatt, Lisa Deloria – New York
Whitten, Christa – Connecticut
Zagrobelny, Joan – Connecticut