The new exhibit, “A Commitment to Color, Movement and Geometry,” is a tribute, honoring the life and art of Tina Rohrer, who recently passed away in the summer of 2012. Tina was awarded the show back in June of 2011, and her family, led by her youngest son, Jay, is leading the effort to hold this exhibit in her honor. The selection of work, in a variety of media ranging from painting to works on paper, expresses the artists’ love of movement and color through Tina’s geometric constructions. The principal focus of her work is on the optical qualities of color. The interaction of colors is most important. The use of complimentary colors creates an especially intense “push/pull” effect. Artwork with black, white and grays can produce a strong sense of action. From a distance, the individual marks lose their identity; hues are seen in the mid-range and these, then, coalesce to form a textural, geometric image. Of her art, Tina has said that the works of Seurat and Albers were instrumental in inspiring her own work. Integration and balance play a role in the inherent meditative quality of the art. Ms. Rohrer has said about her work, “Confronting my own mortality has increased my awareness of deeply rooted spiritual concerns. Thus, my art deals not only with self-unity but also with some type of oneness with God, a Higher Power, Nature or the Cosmos.”