The exhibit of works by Ann Chernow “Annie’s Soda Fountain,” is based on impressions related to movies from the 1930’s and 1940’s, and the iconic drugstore soda fountain. Inspired by film publicity about stars being “discovered” by a Hollywood scout and the image of a soda fountain that occurred in many movies of that genre, Ann uses film characters and period settings as points of departure and then freely interprets. Who could forget the image of Lana Turner sipping an ice cream soda through a straw, having been discovered at Schwab’s Drugstore, as legend would have it? The prints and drawings in this exhibit refer to actual films, studio publicity, fan magazines and other memorabilia of the golden era of Hollywood. Contemporary faces are added, but without altering the spirit of the chosen cinematic theme. “In blending past and present images, I try to create a sense of deja vu, or nostalgia, without the sentimentality often associated with specific film references. Depicting a universal gesture and establishing dramatic moments are primary.” Chernow also states, “Once experienced, a movie is never totally forgotten. Memories from films can be channels, metaphor and private reverie through which an artist can address the human condition.”