Contemporary Cross-Section presents a sample of the vibrant and challenging work being produced in Baltimore, MD. A wealth of media and methodologies are present, ranging from ceramics, painting, and photography, to new media, LED light works, and commercially fabricated carpet paintings. The abundance of materials and methods underscores the absence of any homogenized style or school to be found within the Baltimore arts. This fruitful proliferation is one of the key components of Baltimore’s art scene.

Space is another crucial factor for these artists. Not only the ample working space afforded by the city’s post-industrial landscape, but the space for aesthetic and conceptual mobility. Driven by artist-run spaces and DIY mentality, artists in Baltimore are freed from many of the constraints common to the more established art centers. This high degree of flexibility coupled with rigorous conceptual discourse are underlying factors that unify the artists in “Baltimore, Contemporary Cross-Section.”

Exhibiting the work of the following contemporary Baltimore artists:

Seth Adelsberger
Daniel Conrad
Molly Colleen O’Connell
Alex Ebstein
Lisa Dillin
Andrew Laumann
D’Metrius Rice
Hermonie Only
Ryan Syrell
Kyle Tata
David Ubias
Wickerham & Lomax (FKA Duox)
David Ubias