“Collective Vision,” juried by Cynthia Roznoy, Curator at the Mattatuck Museum Arts & History Center, Waterbury, CT, incorporates three different themes. The first theme “Double Vision” focuses on the collaboration between pairs of artists. The pieces submitted by the artists function as a diptych (works that join together), as well as functioning as separate works of art. “Symbol and Reality” explores how we use symbols as language to communicate today, acknowledging that from Egyptian hieroglyphs to computer emoticons, we are surrounded by symbols. The third theme, “Impermanent Markings” explores mark making as the chosen means of artistic expression. Perhaps the most basic of artistic acts is drawing. From simple sketching to intensely labored works, drawing takes advantage of a variety of materials, including ink, pencil, charcoal and pastel.

Featuring the work of the following guild members:
John Arabolos, June Ahrens, Don Axleroad, Nina Bentley, Tom Berntsen, G.R. Boggs, Kerry Brock, Miggs Burroughs, Helen Cantrell, Heidi Lewis Coleman, Carlos Davila, Peggy Dembicer, Carol Nipomnich Dixon, Kathy Draper, David Dunlop, Roxanne Faber Savage, Alanna Fagan, Kevin Ford, Dorothea Goldys-Bass, Leslie Giuliani, Sergio Gonzalez-Tornero, Shiela Hale, David Hodson, Ann Holmes, Mindy Horn, Nash Hyon, Hyun Joo Jung, Stephanie Joyce, Judith Orseck Katz, Elisa Khachian, Barbara Korman, Nancy Lasar, Susan Manspeizer, Janice Mauro, Alex McFarlane, Loretta Mossman, Roger Mudre, Karen Neems, Susan Newbold, Connie Pfeiffer, DeAnn L. Prosia, Jennifer Coyne Qudeen, Maureen Renahan-Krinsley, Marilyn Richeda, Barbara Rothenberg, Joseph Saccio, Gerald Saladyga, Gay Schempp, Arle Sklar -Weinstein, Judith Steinberg, Eve Stockton, Susan Sharp, Nomi Silverman, Anita Soos, Shaw Stuart, Florence Suerig, Deborah Weiss, and Justin Wiest.