Donald Axleroad’s new body of work in “Disintegration of Truth & Trust” was created in response to current events and the contemporary issues of today’s world. Through imagery and symbols, Don explores the dissolution of American culture; a time and place where dishonesty has become the norm, and for many, innocence has been lost and the American Dream has been shattered. The exhibit features art work that reacts to significant societal, political and economic events and headlines that remain relevant and timely. The artist addresses many issues in his works that include corporate greed and fraud, the foreclosure crisis, rising unemployment, political corruption, the disintegration of family, censorship, injustice, prejudice and intolerance. Through this new exhibit, Donald Axleroad is expressing his reactions to today’s events and his sadness at what he sees the world has become, where truths are hidden and lying has become commonplace. “People want to believe that things will be okay,” says Axleroad. “We have become a very closed society and the number of people who can impact what is happening is becoming increasingly smaller. The general feeling is that wrong is right, and that lying is okay by fooling people and not telling the truth. People don’t want to think about things that are ‘ugly’ and through my art I hope to allow the viewer the opportunity to try and think about the realities of the world and today’s events.”