Cecilia Moy Fradet’s new exhibit “Dreams of Devotion and Delight” explores the inner landscape of the artists’ dreams, blending the commercial with the spiritual. Ms. Fradet was born in Hong Kong and raised, in the 60s as a Christian, in New York City, the melting pot of American culture. Added with her Buddhist roots, the iconic images from Ms. Fradet’s childhood mingled with her constant companion, Mickey Mouse, who she watched constantly on TV and adored. Delighting in the pop culture of Mickey, the material expression of joy and all things possible, Cecilia melds Mickey and Buddha into one sacred Mandala, thereby blending the commercial with the spiritual. “My art explores the boundaries between reality and perception. Born in Hong Kong and growing up in New York City, my first influences in these bustling cities was a visual cacophony of sights and colors, from sailing junks to cruise ships, temples to churches, and Chinese operas to Walt Disney and Looney Tunes.”Of her work, Ms. Fradet says, “I find iconic imagery and symbols fascinating as they become larger than life, transcending words. Playing with these images, pushing it beyond the expected, allows me to see the world a bit differently each time.”