“Flow” will include works that explore or incorporate fluid states or fluid spaces; the places in-between and the places that permeate worlds. The concept of the show will extend to the sequence and position of works in the exhibition. In Xavier’s words, “Flow” is a dynamic that is always on the move, that courses along with a pulse and a rhythm. “It could whisper like a trickle of water, or resonate as loudly as a turbulent current. A flow ultimately becomes an invitation to new paths previously uncharted.”

This Guild group show will include works by June Ahrens, Tom Berntsen, Adrienne Collum, Sara Conklin, J. Henry Fair, Charles Geiger,Sergio Gonzalez-Tornero, Ann Hogdon-Cyr, Nancy McTague-Stock, Bob Miranti, Kiyoshi Otsuka, Joseph Saccio, Jeremy Saladyga, Anita Soos and Dora Tomulic.