Bob Gregson is a bit of a provocateur. His show at Silvermine Arts Center entitled “Full Tilt,” begs the question of being off-kilter or askew. The walls of the Vassos Gallery are filled with plywood constructions, all or parts of which are tilted, which visually energizes the space. The floor space is filled with maquettes for sculptures with panels that lean to the side. Although Gregson’s pieces are thoughtfully planned and solidly geometric, he undermines his works with panels that can be rotated and mirrors that extend the edge of the picture plane. This is key to the creative tension. He further subverts his work by teasing the viewer into actively playing with the work by attracting them with color to turn panels or play hide and seek through the holes in his sculpture. Gregson started his career in the 1960s by creating art experiences that involved sound and projections. This evolved into games and events integrated into cities and communities in the 1970s and 80s. For the last 15 years he has been refining his work, making wall constructions and models for sculpture projects. This show at Silvermine is the first complete look at his recent work.