Modernist ceramic sculptor, Jocelyn Braxton Armstrong’s exhibition “I AM SHE,” features recent figurative sculpture and installations. In this exhibition she examines issues relating to feminism, exploring the causes of gender based violence and inequality, from both a domestic and global perspective. Throughout the exhibition, she aims to inspire curiosity, thought and dialogue, to raise awareness and incite positive action that promotes feminism worldwide. Jocelyn’s work is, for the most part, unglazed white porcelain. Her elegant figurative sculptures appear to be covered with delicate line drawings. These lines are used in an illustrative effect and sometimes the lines can express meaning. Her sculptures have a fresh sophistication and modern aesthetic that link fine art with craft. Of her work, Ms. Armstrong states, “Gesture is what interests me. Body language is beguiling. Gesture naturally conveys movement but can also be passive or submissive, playful or seductive, regal and proud. Gesture can tell a story. Some sculptures are motivated and methodically planned, while others are spontaneous and come from within. My most recent sculptures are more conceptual in nature, influenced by my life experiences now. I am exploring the emotions of relationships, conflict, love, and family, particularly how these emotions relate to women.”