The exhibit, Intuitive/Systemic Symmetries, is an exploration into the existence of a universal aesthetic language, blending two different methods with similar visual perceptions, as embodied by the works of Guild Artists John Arabolos and Heidi Lewis Coleman. Ms. Coleman’s approach is both organic in nature and highly intuitive. Relying upon the subconscious psyche to generate the action of image making, her works are created on Thai papers which incorporate natural fibers, bits of bark and leaves which float across the surface of her images. Mr. Arabolos’ approach, while also organic, is highly analytical. His images, created both photographically and digitally, attempt to find a hidden order or language of form that exists in the way we perceive and understand our environment, gain and process knowledge, and then create. The result of this exploration by the artists demonstrates the common themes as well as the harmony between their works. Related Event: Art a la Carte – John Arabolos and Heidi Lewis Coleman