“Kites” is an exhibition premiering a new body of work born of the collaboration between artist, Charles Hinman and master printer, Gary Lichtenstein. Their artistic partnership began in 2011 and this new series continues their exploration into translating the visual vocabulary of Hinman’s signature hard-edged, shaped canvases into the realm of prints. By combining color and the use of subtle hand embossing, they have created a suite of prints that epitomizes the core of Hinman’s ideology:: “Though the works at first glance appear serene and placid, they are ever changing as the surface of the ocean or the expanse of the sky. Ever dynamic, they are ever alive.”

The prints faithfully reconstruct Hinman’s paintings down to the inclusion of subtle lines referencing the support systems of his three dimensional work. As the viewer gazes at the work, the profound complexity of the arrangements of space unfolds into an ever- changing visual experience.