Christine Aaron’s new exhibit “Liminal States: Beneath the Surface” focuses on themes of memory, loss and the passage of time in this rich mixed media nature based work. Trees serve as a metaphor for the cycle of life; symbols of dormancy, growth, strength and renewal. “Trees hold the record of their lives in their rings. These inner marks remain hidden from view, the way humans hold within the physical, mental and emotional marks of personal experience,” states Aaron. This intellectual and emotional content directly guides the artist’s selection of materials, technique and imagery. “Printmaking and encaustic allow me to develop through layering much the way human perception and memories are formed, and convey a visual sense of the action of the archeological act of recollection. I embed, deconstruct and reconstruct images approximating the way in which we revisit and reevaluate our memories and experiences as we ourselves change.” Metals are rusted and oxidized so that time itself becomes an integral part of the completed work.