Judith Steinberg, a Connecticut-based artist, is perhaps best known for her abstract sculpture including her Corten-steel “Links” at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield. In her recent work, “Memories and Desire,” she has turned to painting. Of her abstract and primarily three-dimensional work, she says “that world has been pushed aside by a paintbrush wielding an array of characters that cavort across the canvas, panel, and paper. Narrative has come back into her work.

  • Something Blue, Acrylic on paper, 22.5" x 30"

According to Steinberg, a Carrie Fisher line also quoted by Meryl Streep, captures the impetus behind the enormous changes that have occurred in her studio in the years since her husbands death: “Take your broken heart, [and] make it into art.” The transition to the new works has been gradual. “Bits of flora and fauna began popping out here and there, soon demanding more space and definition. When my world disappeared, a new world came to life in my studio.”

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