In her exhibit, “New Paradigms,” artist Sharon Cavagnolo deals with chaos and the human need to control and come to terms with it. For the artist, a gestural or impulsive movement often serves as the beginning of an idea for a painting, with subsequent layers imparting balance, line, color and pattern. The creation of the ‘whole’ represents a new place to be. “If I’ve seen it before,” says Cavagnolo, “it holds no interest. The sole purpose in painting for me is get to these new paradigms.” She goes on to say that “I have always thought that a painter with a different way of seeing things can never be understood without the opportunity to show an ample body of work. As with friendships, we develop a familiarity and relationship with work as our experiences deepen. We develop a rapport, open ourselves to it, accept a bit, and as it becomes a part of our interior life, we find ourselves coming back and wanting more.”