The depth and breadth of work by the painters, photographers, sculptors, ceramicists, printmakers and other artists who make up the Silvermine Guild, always astonishes. A new Guild exhibition will highlight new work and new directions in a wide variety of media.

Artists include: Ashley Andrews, John Arabolos, Jocelyn Braxton Armstrong, Camille Eskell, Kevin Ford, Mindy Green, John Harris, Jana Ireijo, Elisa Keogh, Michael Kozlowski, Mitche Kunzman, Cynthia MacCollum, Olivia Munroe, Constance Old, James Reed, Marilyn Richeda, Marlene Siff, Arle Sklar-Weinstein and Derek Uhlman.

Organic forms and the colors of Greece’s landscape inform new prints by Cynthia MacCollum of New Canaan. A painting by Norwalk resident Jana Ireijo contains secrets and narratives that lurk beneath the outer facade. Norwalk artist Kevin Ford takes a mocking look at what he calls “the current ‘zombie abstraction’ moment we are in, ” referring to the art world’s recent preoccupation with mediocrity in abstract painting–what critic Walter Robinson calls “Zombie Formalism.” The new Silvermine Guild exhibition is rich in abstraction, and the artists bring complexity, wit, and inventive virtuosity to the table.