Silvermine’s exhibition of contemporary glass art will show both the wide range of what is being done today by glass artists, and what glass as a material can do. Glass has magical properties. It reflects, refracts, holds light, and lets light through. As an artist’s material, it can be versatile, wildly colorful, smooth or rough, transparent or opaque. The artists represented in this exhibition include casters, kiln workers, glass blowers, stained-glass artists, and flameworkers, and the work on exhibit will include sculpture, wall panels, vessels, triptychs and large hanging works.

Several of the artists have a background in architecture or design and have taken architectural shapes to the point of abstraction or metaphor. Paul Stankard, a mystic among glass artists, creates infinite worlds inside orbs of glass. Stained;glass artist Nancy Nicholson uses her traditional art to create urban scenes from Manhattan’s neighborhoods. Susan Taylor Glasgow explores the possibilities presented by domestic objects and even glass lingerie. Brought up, she writes, by her mother’s “Book of Conflicting Messages,” she explains that “misguided domestic talents eventually grew into concepts of sewing an unyielding medium, baking inedible creations, and stitching glass clothing no one can wear.” All of the artists in this exhibition use glass in surprising ways, and the sizes of their work range from the small and intricate to large-scale, abstract works that explore the possibilities of structure, space and light.

Artists include: Jane Bruce, Moshe Bursuker, Susan Cox, Susan Taylor Glasgow, Dorothy Hafner, Michael Janis, Marty Kremer, Christopher Lydon, Martie Negri, Nancy Nicholson, Alyssa Oxley, Paul Stankard, and Nancy Weisser. This exhibition is curated in consultation with Silvermine Guild artists Marty Kremer, Moshe Bursuker, and Susan Cox.