The works in Russian born Mikhail Gubin’s new exhibit “Splintery Configurations” are all united by one idea, the use of recycled materials. They are then unified through the use of collage. The idea of a caring attitude towards nature and to the earth’s dwindling resources is not a new concept, but one which teaches its importance. What Gubin does in this exhibit is to focus the viewer’s attention on this issue and how it is manifested in our daily life, from what we wear to what we eat, what we see and what we think. For the creation of his wood sculptures he uses discarded wood with the intent to gain awareness for the disregard of wood waste construction materials in big cities. “I take pleasure in the process of creation and enjoy the idea to give new birth to thrown out wooden things through my sculpture.” On discussing his work, the New York City artist says that he works spontaneously. “At one point or another, it will strike me to start working on something new, and then I break the ice. From that point on I am completely in the grip of the idea that’s arisen. I hate routine! I am saved when a new idea comes – and it starts all over again.”