Michelle Grabner and Brad Killam, curators of Silvermine’s 2015 Art of the Northeast, chose artist Barry Kiperman’s serene and original “Tabletop Schematics” as Best-in-Show. Kiperman’s solo exhibition at Silvermine, a result of the AoNE honor, will open at Silvermine on September 18.

In Barry Kiperman’s work, line drawings of ordinary objects float in a visual field, engaging each other seemingly by chance. They are removed from their usual context, and a metamorphosis results. Elements of color, objects overlapping or not touching at all, the abstraction of a familiar thing–all of these aspects create rhetorical counterpoint and dissonant harmonies. Kiperman, who lives and works in Boston, makes his compositions almost into tabletops. His materials are: acrylics, graphite leads, and 1/4″ gessoed plywood, spray varnished and edged with Formica laminate.

“We each create our own myth of reality to live by,” says Kiperman. “My work explores the mute persistence of common objects and mundane forms that are so inexorably familiar and commonplace that they become part of our everyday visual vernacular. The forms float freely in a time/space dimension of white infinity.”