This exhibition will include works featuring a range of textile technique combinations including digital embroidery, hand embroidery, digital textile printing, cyanotype photography, sewing and rug hooking embellished with encaustic painting.

Juxtaposing images naturally creates free narrative associations. The images and compositions and the stories they imply are interesting, colorful and fun on their own but beyond that, the unusual combination of materials will compel further exploration.

The embroidered and printed images are translations of my original drawings and paper cutouts interpreted into textile form. The imagery is a mixed bag of cartoony characters, botanicals, geometrics, and many other random things that pop into my head, reflecting my wide-ranging interests in science, literature, comics and history. Rug hooking will be used, not in a traditional functional way, rather, as a means to color areas and draw lines.

**Every Wednesday: Rug hooking and digital embroidery demonstration with the artist**