“Whispered Warnings” is an exhibit of sculptural works by Marilyn Richeda of other worldly figures, creatures not found in forests, on the street or in encyclopedias. Some figures are robot-like, non-speaking, noiseless and still. Others stand confident, perhaps hiding something. Birds are portrayed as enchanting, but often showing a darker side such as feelings of loss, helplessness and being marooned. The combination of strangeness and familiarity reveal human concerns and behaviors as portrayed by the birds. “I rarely start to work with a clear visual image of what I will create. I do, however, have an idea of what I want to explore or a feeling I want to express and keep on working until I feel it’s right,” says Ms. Richeda of her work. “Like all my work, they explore pattern and color. In many ways, color is the most important part of every piece I make. Color is what seduces me. Even the names of the glazes affect which ones I select.” Richeda gets her inspiration for her colors from looking at painted cars and trucks on the road, painters such as George Bassselitz, Grau-Garriga and folk art. What excites her is the casualness and color which comes from the art of children. Her internal drive comes from the continuous process of discovery, drawing from her overall life experiences. “I see each piece as a fragment of what will eventually become a lifetime statement.”