“Worlds Without End” is a group show that features the work of twelve artists: David Ambrose, Teresa Braun, Charles Geiger, Brent Green, Julie Heffernan, Sharon Horvath, Ruth Marten, Ronnie Rysz, Gerald Saladyga, Lisa Sanditz, Kyle Staver, and Robert Taplin.

This exhibition features paintings, sculpture, video installation and mixed media. The works in this show are beautiful and haunting. There is at once a sense of hopefulness and foreboding.This dichotomy speaks directly to our present day dilemmas.

This is the first collaborative exhibition between the Silvermine Arts Center and the Brian Morris Gallery and Buddy Warren Inc., the Silvermine Galleries will present works of organic abundance, many of which explore the territory between figurative and landscape narrative. The exhibition debuted at the Brian Morris Gallery and Buddy Warren Inc.’s Chrystie Street location in New York City in June and will travel to Silvermine in an expanded version.