Thank you for your interest in participating. Art sales from this event support the Silvermine Scholarship Fund providing scholarships to under-resourced youth by giving them the opportunity to further their creative talents.

For information about drop off, pick up, sale dates and all event details click here

 To register to participate in the event, fill out the form and submit by the December 1 deadline.

Next Steps:

  • After submitting your form, you will receive an email containing your unique Inventory ID Code (Sticker Code) and an Inventory Sheet which will be pre-populated with this code.
  • Anticipate receipt of this message from Silvermine Art Center staff in approximately one week from the time of submitting you Participation Form

 The artist is responsible for:

    • Completing the Inventory Sheet with item descriptions and pricing
    • NOTE– Paintings cannot be larger that 16″x 20″ (including frames)
      Work is not required to be framed but must be ready to hang.
    • Placing secure stickers or tags with the assigned ID Code on according artworks
    • Packing artworks in a box/bin, clearly labeled with Participant First and Last Name
    • Drop off and pick up of artworks during the scheduled timeframe.

Questions? Email Claire at